1. Global Net Advantage, LLC collects from the applicant company's resume and list of equipment necessary (by an American manufacturer)
  2. We check that your company meets the requirement of US Bank.
  3. Check availability of listed equipment manufacturers in the U.S. and its compliance with the program as well as our ability to buy directly from the manufacturer. If you need complete pricelist of equipment you would like to purchase, please see addition to First Step.
  4. Preliminary discuss with the bank possibility of financing your project.
  5. Report results back to you.
  6. Define the terms of cooperation and our interest in this.
    We offer services described in steps 1-6 free of charge.


  1. If the applicant does not know US Manufacturers that produce required equipment or product, we can search for such equipment made in US. We can find direct manufacturers or sellers authorized by the program (used equipment).
  2. We carry out preliminary discussion with the companies described in section 7 without getting into technical details. We will analyze and cross reference manufacturers against program requirement.
  3. The cost of services in Section 7-8 is $650.00
  4. In event we sign contract for continuing financing process above amount will be included in entire cost of the financing services provided by us.
  5. At this point we present you with sufficient information to decide whether you would like to continue working with us.


  1. We prepare contract with your company that will include registration of Trading Firm (US Headquarters)  The total amount for complete service (beginning  July 1, 2011) is $ 17,860.00 and up, depending on the complexity of the project and equipment required. The amount is paid in three installments (although you have the right to pay all at once.)
  2. You transfer initial retainer of $ 6,000.00 to our account, this will officially begin the process of obtaining financing.
  3. Funds mentioned in paragraph 12 is for the following purposes:
    • Creating and registering a Trading Firm;
    • Registering a tax identification number;
    • Opening a bank account;
  4. We report to you with articles of incorporation, bank account information, tax id, and other registration documents.
  5. At this point you will have assigned manager who will work on your project (depending on complexity of the project, additional managers might be appointed as well).
  6. From your side, you appoint a representative who is able to communicate in technical English in regards to equipment and characteristics related to the product you want to purchase.
  7. (Despite having many technical engineers on our staff, we cannot possibly cover all types of technical expertise)
  8. Our American manager begins negotiations with the American manufacturer and producers, whether ones you requested or US equivalent we found for your needs. Your appointed representative works with our manager to outline all requirements, technical data, specific needs and demands for product r equipment you requested.
  9. We on equipment or product offered by US manufacturers, or both sides continue looking for better alternative.
  10. We negotiate the price between your side and manufacturers.
  11. After agreeing on the price our manager outlines all preliminary questions regarding the financing.
  12. TIME FRAME FOR THIS PART is approximately 10-30 days depending on complexity of the order.


  1. All partners signed the contract prior to 1st of July 2011 will receive old price.
  2. From 1 July we have a new price of $ 17,860.00 and above, depending on the complexity of the project and assigned tasks. Price will remain the same until September 1, 2011.
  3. All contract paid by September 1st, 2011, will not be affected by price change mentioned in Section 23.
  4. After the first of September, the company reserves the right to change the value of our services without further notice.

    At the end of the SECOND STAGE, we have the following:

  5. American trading firm (headquarters in US with office and banking);

    • Complete registration, tax and bank records to the newly created American trading firm;
    • A U.S. bank account with ability to manage online;
    • Both sides will have appointed dedicated managers to this project;
    • Approved list of US manufacturers and estimated pricing;
    • Confirmed list of required products or equipment;
    • Estimated price quote and required sum of financing – price might slightly adjust change due to logistics requirements, insurance, or additional services needed from manufacturers;


  1. You pay $ 7,000.00 continuance retainer to the account of our established trading firm with you.
  2. Fees described in section 25 are used to pay for the following expenses:
    • Application to a U.S. banks to finance your project;
    • Preparation of all necessary documents, including business plan, consultation, legal fees, etc.
  3. Our manager begins application process for Bank’s preliminary decision.
  4. Bank reviews Manufacturers (sellers) and based on our preliminary application informs us whether we can or cannot use that manufacturer.
  5. We provide you all documents and forms (electronically or by mail) required to be filled by you.
  6. Based on information received from us, we create application package and send it for your approval.


  1. If Bank does not allow us to use manufacturer we have chosen, we will seek alternative manufacturers or sellers.
  2. If US manufacturer is not approved, as specified in section 31, our company will prepare a new application and sends it to the bank for re-approval.

    All this is done by our side and you do not incur any additional financial costs.

    At the end of the third stage we have the following:

    • Established trading house or your financial representation in the US
    • Approved managers from both sides
    • Approved by the U.S. bank U.S. manufacturer or seller of goods while meeting all the requirements of the financial program.
    • Determined the size of the required line of credit.
    • Prepared and signed all necessary documents for the Bank (the document package is confirmed by you).


  1. We bill you on behalf of our trading house to pay for the remainder of the total contract amount.
  2. We send entire document package to the bank.
  3. Once all documents have been reviewed and approved for financing by the bank, we will start preparation of the documents for you to arrive in US for final deal closing.
  4. We will assist in coordinating logistical portion of purchase.
  5. You visit the United States prior to receiving equipment to sign all necessary financial documents and forms.


  1. At this stage bank might require additional documents or reports from your side or from US manufacturers. Bank might require further explanation of certain portion of a business plan.
  2. We will complete all follow up communication with no extra cost to you.
  3. If our representatives are required to receive equipment, this will be billed separate to your company.